1on1 Coaching


Unlike many other coaches who base their practice on creating an aura around themselves and can’t seem to stop talking about how great they are. My practice is focused on the client, the client’s world, and the miracles we can create in their world, not mine. For that reason, I don’t invest my energy into talking about myself (unless that’s what they want to hear AFTER our session), and instead I focus all my energy on listening to the client at a deeply profound level.

We are all human, with similarly human lives, but all in all, we are all unique in our own way. No book, recorded program, video course, or specific “method” will ever be as uniquely tailored for you as a coaching conversation with someone that deeply listens to what you have to share.

Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis & Other Health Objectives

For over a decade I have coached countless individuals of all walks of life, from the ages of 13 years old, all the way to the deeply wise age of 75.

Many of which have experienced full remission, and are now living significantly happier healthier lives. Without the use of invasive medical procedures, medication, pain killers, special diets, special exercise routines or special meditation rituals. Sure, some people find great joy and a sense of accomplishment in their usual pain relief rituals. Personally, I believe activities like yoga, meditation and daily exercise, are much more enjoyable without the presence of debilitating physical pain. 

Somewhere In Between

Although living without pain is great and exciting for some people, the truly fun and exciting part starts after the pain and chronic health challenges are gone. As a matter of fact, on average most people experience full or partial symptom relief within 6 weeks of our first session together. Many can confidently say that the healing part of our work together was the least exciting part of it all. The real magic happens when life takes on a whole new meaning, relationships flourish on a deeper level, and businesses, as well as finances thrive like never before.

Executives, Business Owners, Leaders, High Performers & Entrepreneurs

Speaking of businesses, did you know that most people who struggle with Fibromyalgia, AS, and other chronic pain conditions are usually what I jokingly, and lovingly call “knuckleheads” (Type A Personality)? They are usually highly dependable, perfectionistic, goal orientated, high achievers, independent self-starters that tend to be extremely talented problem solvers.

They are usually the bedrock of their families, business(es), and social circles. For that reason, about 90% of the work we do together happens after their health struggles have subsided. Most of our work is focused on executive, life, and leadership coaching, as well as revolutionizing other areas of their lives; usually the areas they have unconsciously neglected for many years.


A frequently asked question I get is, “Ralph, I’ve never had chronic pain issues, can I still work with you?” Absolutely, my coaching is definitely not for everyone, but it isn’t exclusive to chronic pain patients either. Many of the people I work with are coaches, healers, mental health, health care professionals, and executives who have never had chronic pain themselves and are working towards being more effective in the way they show up in multiple areas of their lives, and the way they serve others.

Therapy Vs. Coaching

We all struggle with our mental and emotional health from time to time, and that’s ok. If you need therapy, please find yourself a good therapist that can help you work through those challenges. In my practice I do not do therapy and absolutely do not try to do therapy.

However, due to the reality that many chronic pain patients have a history of trauma and other mental health challenges, I have done over eight years of training on the topic of trauma, including intensive training under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals. My dedication to being trauma informed is with the sole purpose of deeply serving this group of individuals. While simultaneously honoring and respecting where they are in their mental health journey, without triggering their wounds during coaching sessions.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Transparency

Everything we explore before, during, and after our coaching program is completely private and confidential. That includes, mail, emails, text messages of any kind, and any other form of communication. There is absolutely no recording allowed during any sessions. In honor of full transparency my coaching agreement prices can be viewed below. If you have any questions about my coaching services, please feel free to visit the homepage and share with me what brings you here today, so I can better serve you.

Coaching Agreements