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Turn Your Physical Pain Into Your Greatest Superpower

Many of my clients experience tremendous relief within the first or second session with me. Whether you’re a man, a woman, a professional or an entrepreneur, you can get relief today, even if you’ve been struggling for years.


Is your physical pain getting in the way of you living your life, effectively managing your team, and spending quality time with your family, and really being there for them?

I know how you feel, I used to struggle with persistent physical pain, low-confidence, self esteem issues and have been right where you are.

Get Past the Debilitating Pain once and for all
Ralph Ruiz Master Life Coach


I am a Master Life Coach. I hold a space for people like you to be vulnerable, without judgment, so you can create the experience and relief you deserve.

My role is to assist you to design a life you love to look at, when it comes to, your family, your spirituality, relationships and in your career and goals for your life.

If you’re ready to start accomplishing your life goals and if you’re ready to make 2023 the best year of your life, book your call now.

it’s very simple. here’s how it works.

Get first hand experience with letting go of the pain that is holding you back, and release the tension and anxiety as quickly as today ~ here’s the plan:

Step One of Life Coaching
Schedule a call with me.
No Charge. No Obligations.
No Distractions

Show up for the call and be prepared.
No Distractions.

Start Experiencing what you're seeking to create.

Start experiencing what you’re seeking to create in your life.

the longer you wait the harder it gets.

There are only so many days you can live with pain before it turns into a much bigger issue, for you and your family.

If you’ve been in pain you know from experience that it only gets worse the longer you wait.  Not to mention, turning back the damage of ongoing pain gets more difficult with time.

So take control of your life and get pain-relief now.

My clients live their lives totally engaged, pain-free, and with the right mindset and tools to help them accomplish anything they set their heart and mind upon. And that’s only with two sessions each month, to keep them on track and unstuck.

In fact, many people experience immediate relief shortly after our first session.

Most people I coach experience a much greater sense of clarity, and a deeper sense of connection with how they live in different areas of their life. 


Lewis Hopkin Testimonial

Grammy Award Winning
Mastering Engineer

Ralphitness Member, Living Pain-Free Since 2014, now has a beautiful family and a thriving business like never before.

Working with Ralph has been the single most positive force for change I have experienced. During our sessions together Ralph has helped me to uncover the real reasons behind why positive change is hard and how to steer towards making those changes.
When you speak with Ralph you are able to access what appears to be a limitless resource of information that he has stored in his brain banks. Every single bit of that information seems to be tailored to the puzzle you are trying to solve. 
The impact of what I have learned working with Ralph has resonated through all areas of my life.
I work better, relax WAY better and appreciate and understand life more  Ralph helps you find meaningful change that if you are prepared to embrace can make life so much easier. 
Krista Simington Life Coaching Testimonial

Health Care Professional

“I have worked with Ralph for about seven years. It is hard to articulate how much working with him has changed the trajectory of my life.

Ralph provides individualized support that can quickly identify and change the perspective of long standing patterns and behaviors.

The return on investment working with Ralph has been the best of any other investment I have made to date!”

Kodi Testimonial for Ralphitness Coaching

Academy Award Nominee &
Golden Globe Winning Actor

“Working with Ralph I have gone from being in a place where I thought my career was threatened, I have gone on to do greater things then I ever dreamed.

Getting an Academy Award nomination, winning a Golden Globe Award, becoming financially stable; having the patience and humility to see myself and bring balance back to my relationships.

I must thank Ralph for showing me my innate ability to heal.”

Do you want relief or results?

What’s the difference you may ask… well, some people have the experience of achieving all of their goals in life, and yet they are miserable. You hear them say things like, “success doesn’t bring you happiness…” This is what I call “results.” 

They have experienced results in their lives, yet still are living in distress without any relief.

On the other hand, we have some folks who live very happy lives, peaceful living with seemingly endless joy, yet at the end of the month their expenses, relationships, love life and other responsibilities are a nightmare… This is what I call “relief”.

We often meet people who have one or the other while seeking to create, and experience, the side that they are lacking in.

Other times we meet people who are lacking in both parts, and working with Ralphitness, they discover ways to create harmonious balance in their lives.

…Relief and results!


No Charge. No Obligation.

Book a session with me – no charge. No expectations. No obligations. No commitments, other than just showing up and being ready to grow.

  • Simply book your meeting on my calendar here.
  • Set a reminder to show up, and avoid having any distractions during the call so you can get the most benefit out of the session.

I can’t wait to meet you and explore what you’re looking to create in your life.

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