TMS Therapy as a Last Resort for Chronic Pain


Before you go and continue scrolling through the internet looking for a Tension Myositis Syndrome Doctor looking to relieve your TMS symptoms…

Take a few minutes to read through this post, I can assure you that in this content you will find some very valuable information that may clarify for you why your search should end right here.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work with a TMS therapist that can help you with some much-needed TMS therapy, what I am saying is that your search for Tension Myositis Syndrome Treatment could potentially be making your symptoms worse.

My Perspective on TMS Therapy and Healing TMS


My name is Ralph Ruiz, I made a full recovery from a severe autoimmune form of TMS approximately ten years ago and I have helped countless people all around the world do the same.

I do not call myself a TMS coach and neither do I subscribe to the idea of explicitly doing any form of TMS pain treatment and here’s why.

In my life coaching practice, I enjoy working with TMS patients that are difficult to heal. If you are the type of person that has read all of Dr. Sarno’s books multiple times and you are still struggling with your symptoms, we may be a good match to work together.

This post is not intended to sell you anything or convince you to subscribe to any TMS pain recovery program. 

The purpose of this post is to open your eyes to something so powerful and so profound that it may give you the relief you are looking for.


Get Positive Results from Life Threatening TMS

Get results from life-threatening forms of TMS pain

Because I believe that if I can help you get results through a simple blog post, it can potentially open up a relationship between us that can lead to both of us creating miracles in both of our lives and not in a people-pleasing kind of way; Sarno already warned us about the pitfalls of that behavior.

So, I want you to follow this train of thought to get the most out of what I am about to explain to you.

Remember this piece of information is so profound that it can potentially get you the results you are looking for without even having to schedule any calls with me.

Pretend that this information is going to save your life. Even if you aren’t one of those people with a severe life-threatening form of TMS, living with TMS can sometimes have such a strong negative impact on your quality of life that it might as well be a matter of life or death. 

This post is here to save your life, read it many times if you need to until you understand what I am about to say.

Turn off all potential interruptions and read these words carefully, are you ready?

If a guy goes on Google and types in the words “fitness gym near me”, what is he looking for?

If you answered that he’s looking for a fitness gym near him you answered correctly. Now if he was looking for a fitness gym exclusively for his wife or his daughter he may type something else along the lines of “fitness gym for women”.

Sound good so far? Excellent!

Searching for tms therapy?

Now what if he was searching for a “Martial arts gym” instead, what does that say about him? It says that he isn’t looking for just any gym, he’s looking for something that can provide a martial arts experience for him.

So now here you are searching for “Tension Myositis Syndrome Treatment Near Me” or even something along the lines of “Tension Myositis Syndrome Cure”, or if you’re in New York City, maybe “TMS Therapist NYC.”

What does that say about you?

Clearly, you are looking for someone that can help you heal your TMS symptoms.

So, what’s the problem here?

The Most important TMS Personality Traits to Acknowledge

Let’s review very briefly what Dr. Sarno had to say about the personality traits of people with TMS.

I am going to highlight specifically the ones that are motivating you to search for a TMS Doctor.

  • Perfectionist
  • High Achievers
  • Highly Motivated (often impulsive decision makers)

Here’s one thing people who read Sarno often overlook, if you have the three personality traits mentioned above there is an extremely high probability that you are also an
obsessive person.

If I was a betting man, which I am, I would bet my entire bankroll on the fact that you are one obsessive individual. You may not realize just how obsessive you truly are, but the personality trait is there.

You have a hard time letting things go, you think about things over and over, especially when the task at hand is interesting to you.

The deeper purpose of Tension myositis syndrome (TMS)

Now let’s review what the purpose of TMS is to begin with.

According to Dr. Sarno, the purpose of TMS is to keep you distracted, and preoccupied with pain to keep you from connecting with your anxiety and your feelings of being not good enough. 

If you are here searching for a TMS therapist, your focus is still on TMS.

Not only is your focus still on TMS keeping you distracted, but you are still acting on your obsession with the healing process.

Does that make sense?

My recommendation is to let it go!

In my life coaching practice, I have helped countless “hard to heal” TMS patients in a matter of weeks after struggling with TMS for years.

Here’s one of my secrets that allows me to get the type of results I get…

I'm not a TMS Therapist or a TMS Healer... so what am I?

I don’t call myself a “TMS Healer” or anything connected to TMS.

This is done deliberately so that the moment I connect with someone like you we are already leaving the world of TMS behind.

It’s easier to attract clients when you have a huge giant banner on your website that reads “TMS so and so…” but personally I prefer to structure my website, my title, and my approach in a way that delivers optimal RESULTS!

If you are ready to truly leave TMS behind, start by dropping the word “TMS” and everything else connected to it.

That’s the valuable piece of advice that I can share with you.

If you are ready to hear it, it will make perfect sense to you, if you are still in an obsessive zombie-like state of mind distracted by TMS just hit the back button on your internet browser and continue with your obsession disguised as a “TMS google search”.

Other Common Questions About Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS)

The general idea of TMS therapy is to help the patient “release” their repressed negative emotions to help them find relief from their physical symptoms, the most common one being persistent back pain.

I personally don’t believe in TMS therapy and instead, take on a different approach for healing.

The controversy with TMS is that it works under the framework that physical symptoms are the result of repressed negative emotions.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way of testing this theory out in a lab to collect supporting evidence that TMS therapy can be applied in the realm of evidence-based medicine.

As a result, many people consider TMS, as well as TMS therapy, to be nothing more than pseudoscience. Some may even ask the question, “is TMS a hoax”, as a result of TMS being untestable in a research lab.

Dr. John Sarno maintained nearly a 90% success rate when working with patients suffering from TMS. Many other TMS healing practitioners have similar success rates.

This indicates that TMS therapy can be effective for most people. However, because TMS healing is more of an art than a science, creating a model that can be replicated in a research lab, in order to prove its effectiveness, can be challenging.

A disadvantage of TMS therapy is that in extreme cases there may be a shift in the patient’s behavior that is significant enough for it to affect other areas of the patient’s life.

This is only one of few TMS therapy side effects. Other cons of tms therapy could include the patient being more aware of their once-repressed negative emotions.

For some, especially those with anxiety, feeling more anxious may be more uncomfortable than having persistent back pain. 

The most obvious benefit of TMS therapy is experiencing relief from chronic pain and other TMS symptoms. There are other benefits that in my opinion are significantly greater than the relief of physical symptoms.

For example, many of my clients experience a more blissful, peaceful, and more loving relationship with themselves and others. Their business thrives and their mood significantly improves as a result of TMS healing.

Their stories once started with the words “TMS ruined my life”, and now when they look back, they see it as nothing more than the beginning a better life.

The cost of TMS therapy can vary from person to person. All depending on the practitioners approach and their overall level of effectiveness.

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