Master Life Coach Ralphitness


Sit here with me for a moment and reflect on this thought…


In my years of coaching and working with top performing industry leaders, future hall of fame and all-star athletes, Golden Globe Award winners, Academy Award nominees, multi-Grammy award winners, real estate developers, musicians, actors, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, lawyers, world renowned medical professionals, and the best bankers Wall Street has to offer.


What is the one thing they all have in common?


Sure, there are multiple things many of them have in common. For example, most of them are perfectionists, analytical thinkers, impeccable with their word, brilliant problem solvers, self-starters, natural born leaders who work extremely well under pressure and can rise above incredible challenges.


Besides all of the things mentioned above, we come back to this question; what is the one thing they all have in common?


The answer is that not one of them needed me, and I’m pretty sure you don’t need me either. At least not for peak performance or achieving anything you haven’t already.


So, what brings you here? Only you know that. Only you are fully aware of what you are experiencing in this present moment. My superpower is holding a safe, private and completely confidential creative space for you to unpack it all, do with it what you do best and see yourself more clearly.


Oh and by the way, my name is Ralph Ruiz. There is no “about me” section on this website. Simply because this is not about me, this is about you and what you need in this present moment. I invite you to use the contact form below, tell me who you are and what brings you here today.