Some coaches specialise in “fixing people”, I specialise in transforming lives!

What some of the experts in their field have to say about working together:

I have been working with Ralph for approximately 10 years and it has been a phenomenal experience. 

Our sessions are always fun, engaging and tailored to what I am experiencing in any given moment.  Jokingly I have said to Ralph that our sessions are better than talking to a bartender.

In many ways it is certainly true.  During the lockdowns of Covid the sessions with Ralph were adjusted to help with the additional stress.  

Ralph is always attentive and kindly makes the adjustments necessary to accommodate our sessions.

Robert Finkelstein

Bobcat Apparel Sales, Partner (Retired)

I have known Ralph for approximately nine years, as a Wellness Coach. From our triweekly sessions, we quickly developed a valued friendship.

Ralph is one of the most genuine individuals I have ever met.  Always offering tips on diet and new exercises tailored to his individual clients based on his vast knowledge of nutrition and anatomy / sports medicine, he demonstrates empathy and compassion for those around him. 

When I retired, Ralph initially helped me lose fifty pounds through proper diet and exercise and enabled me to regain my body strength.  Most recently after surgery, he is ensuring that my core strengths are stabilized and, in my opinion, adding years to my lifespan. 

Don Lemoine

Former Reinsurance Director at AIG

I discovered Ralphitness at a time where I was at my lowest, bed ridden and depressed I was desperate for a way out of my chronic pain.

I reached out to Ralph and after numerous Skype calls, I had the most amazing cry of my life. My body seemed to click into an automatic intuitive setting. My breath was deeper and rapid as I cried, I wasn’t sad I felt euphoric and free with everything washing away.

From being in a place where I thought my career and personal life were threatened by my health condition, I have gone on to do greater things then I ever dreamed. Getting an Academy Award nomination, winning a Golden Globe Award, becoming financially stable; having the patience and humility to see myself and bring balance back to my relationships.

This is the only time I will boast such a thing, I write this in the spirit of healing, in the spirit of hope for another. Who may also be at their lowest stage right now reading this. My life is better than ever, and I remain content. Of course, none of this could be done without my loved ones as well, but when it comes to chronic pain, I must thank Ralph for showing me my innate ability to heal.

Kodi Smit-Mcphee

Golden Globe Winning Actor & Academy Award Nominee

As a senior business and career woman in finance, there have been many issues related to balancing my professional and personal life. 

Ralph has been working with me for over 7 years
and has provided me with incredible insights and guidance. 

Ralph has been working with me for over 7 years
and has provided me with incredible insights and guidance. 

His approach is not cookie-cutter but very tailored to meet my specific needs at any given time. It is not often that I write
testimonials, but I believe that many individuals would benefit by having him as a life coach. 

His services are a valuable investment in one’s personal growth and happiness.


Retired Investment Banker

Ralphitness Member, Living Pain-Free Since 2014, now has a beautiful family and a thriving business like never before.

Working with Ralph has been the single most positive force for change I have experienced. During our sessions together Ralph has helped me to uncover the real reasons behind why positive change is hard and how to steer towards making those changes.

When you speak with Ralph you are able to access what appears to be a limitless resource of information that he has stored in his brain banks. Every single bit of that information seems to be tailored to the puzzle you are trying to solve.

The impact of what I have learned working with Ralph has resonated through all areas of my life.

I work better, relax WAY better and appreciate and understand life more  Ralph helps you find meaningful change that if you are prepared to embrace can make life so much easier. 

Lewis Hopkin

Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

Lews Hopkin - Testimonial for Life Coaching

I have worked with Ralph for about seven years.

It is hard to articulate how much working with him has changed the trajectory of my life.

Ralph provides individualized support that can quickly identify and change the perspective of long standing patterns and behaviors.

Besides being warm, friendly and deeply knowledgeable, one of Ralph’s most unique skills is to teach people to see themselves differently and then how to navigate difficult situations.

The return on investment working with Ralph has been the best of any other investment I have made to date!  

Krista Simington

Healthcare Professional

Ralph has the hard-earned presence, experience, and profound wisdom of human nature that is required of a true spiritual teacher, in my book.

And I’m telling you, what Ralph can help you do, if YOU are ready for it, is way more profound than just getting a handle on your chronic pain or so-called incurable issues.

Working with Ralph helped me to face a lot of painful and uncomfortable truths that had unknowingly become my own self-imposed prison, and it literally changed what I allowed myself to accept in relationships in every area of my life, primarily the relationship I had with myself.

It helped me discover and re-own parts of myself I thought I had to annihilate to fit in and “be successful,” all at the cost of my own power and happiness.

Not only has my incredibly debilitating chronic pain and a team of autoimmune issues of 7 years gone away, but I was able to navigate incredible waves of grief and rage after my mother passed earlier this year.

I know for a fact if I didn’t work with Ralph when I did, I would be in a VERY different place right now.

And if you have ever secretly dreamed of being a Jedi, Ralph just might be your Yoda.

Joli Robinson

Professional Actress & Model

Joli Robinson Professional Model and Actress

Ralph is amazing and I recommend him to not only anyone suffering from chronic pain, but he helped with so much more than that! 

How can you ever thank someone enough who helped you get your life back?!

 I also started my own business (in Luxury Fashion sales) and quit my old career (Med Lab Tech)

I feel like I can have a healthy relationship with my child as well-now that I’ve learned so much about how to feel and express emotions. I can also teach her to do the same so she won’t end up like I was! I can’t recommend Ralph enough .

Shauna Mckinney

Business Owner & Entrepreneur


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