The Treatment of TMS and Best Approaches to Manage it

We will continue our reading of healing back pain written by who I like to call the legendary Dr John E Sarno. Today’s chapter and session is about the treatment of TMS and how to manage it. Just for you if you are new to it, this book is focused on healing chronic pain treatment […]

Having Back Pain? Study of What Works and What Doesn’t!

Dr Sarno Healing Back pain

One of the things that is very common out there, even with Dr Sarno’s work, there are 10 daily reminders out there and it’s a list of things that you know some people recite over and over. It’s a daily reminder or weekly reminder that the pain is psychosomatic and that it’s not really in […]

Healing Back Pain Using The MindBody Connection

So, let me guess, you were searching the internet far and wide looking for a solution to your chronic back pain? You know, the one that you were told has no solution other than taking some form of strong prescription medication, and even then, chronic pain treatment is quite what you expected it to be, […]

Chronic Pain Inflammation and Symbolism in Mindbody Healing

Ankylosing Spondylitis

When taking a Mindbody approach to healing the body using the Mindbody connection. One of the most important elements is shifting the way you perceive many things in your life. That includes the way you perceive yourself, other people, your past/ future, and most importantly the way you perceive your symptoms. Starting with the word […]

Struggling to Build a Successful Health Coaching / Life Coaching Practice?

Life Coaching Services

Recently in an interview, I was asked the question that countless people around the world who dream of creating a successful coaching practice all wish to know the answer to; how do you build a successful coaching practice? My response was, “I never tried to build a coaching practice, I simply work from a place […]

Can Positive Social Bonds Really Reduce Pain?

If you suffer from chronic physical pain, you understand the significant impact it can have on your life. Simply trying to perform everyday tasks creates an undue amount of stress and pressure.

Como Sanar el Espondilitis Anquilosante Naturalmente

Que tal, mi nombre es Rafael Llenas Ruiz. Muchos me conocen simplemente como Ralph Ruiz. En este corto video le voy a decir cómo yo me sane de una enfermedad bien grave conocida como espondilitis anquilosante. Antes de empezar le informo que este documento es solamente para compartir información. Este documento no es para serviles como cura, diagnostico, ni tratamiento de ninguna índole. Para servicios de salud por favor consulte con su doctor.

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Why You Might Need a Psychotherapist

Ankylosing Spondylitis

When I first started coaching people with Ankylosing Spondylitis I was helping them find relief using a holistic approach which consisted of diet, exercise and meditation. I wrote a blog post called “How I Healed from Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms” telling the story of how I transitioned from managing my own Ankylosing Spondylitis pain and into finding a solution without the need of special diets, exercises and meditation rituals. Apparently, the mind body connection didn’t just work well for me. It also worked well for more than 80% of people I coached during their healing. The amazing part is that when there were people who had multiple diseases happening at once, their other symptoms faded away as well. It didn’t matter if the person was dealing with undiagnosed mystery pain or they had physical pain together with Crohn’s disease. The mind body connection was clearly doing something for these people simply by them understanding what they were going through and how it was affecting their body.